Charley Boorman recently took a 5-day road trip on the award-winning H-D adventure tourer.

His verdict?
“Cruising on highways, swooping round fast corners, dipping into hairpins, performing on and off road … this is a great all-round bike.”
“It feels light and easy to move around, and the bike’s electronics enhance enjoyment for a really good rider and boost the confidence of someone less experienced.”“You have all your various ride modes – your road, your rain, your sport and so on – plus you can go in and customise your own modes.”

“On the Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ 1250 Special, there’s also Adaptive Ride Height. When you come to a stop, the suspension drops down so you can get your feet on the ground nice and easily. Then, when you head off it lifts up again – it’s a bit like magic.”

“She’s pretty nice to look at as well!”