2018 Harley-Davidson® Range







More agility

The all-new Softail® models are up to 35 pounds lighter than last year’s models, and they have a 34% stiffer chassis overall. You get quick and precise response to your inputs, which means riding hard and true never felt easier.

More torque

The Milwaukee-Eight® 107 and 114 engines are the most powerful engines we’ve ever put in a Softail® frame. You get faster acceleration from 0-60, faster acceleration from 60-80, and a wider grin every time you roll on your throttle.

Smoother running

When you’re on a new Softail® motorcycle, you’re in for a smooth ride. The Milwaukee-Eight® engine features a refined counter-balancing system that cancels out engine vibration at idle while maintaining the true Harley-Davidson feel.

Purer sound

The world-renowned “potato-potato-potato” Harley-Davidson sound comes through strong in the Milwaukee-Eight® Big Twin engine. You get less intake and mechanical noise for more soul-satisfying rumble.

The iconic look

The Milwaukee-Eight® engine retains the iconic 45-degree configuration of the balanced Harley-Davidson® V-twin. Its single cam design slims the bottom end for a more muscular profile. The frame is engineered to tightly package the engine, which is more stylish, and reinforces powertrain and chassis stiffness.

High performance front suspension

New suspension technology provides the performance of a racing-style cartridge fork for reduced weight with linear damping characteristics. It gives you 130mm of bump-devouring travel.

High performance rear mono shock

All-new easily adjustable mono-shock rear suspension allows for up to 480 pounds of pre-load capacity (varies by model), dynamic cornering capability, quicker acceleration and braking while preserving the hardtail look.